Low libido (low sex drive) is decreasing frequency and/or intensity of sexual desire as you grow. It can be temporary or long-term. Libido is your overall sexual drive or desire for sexual activity. It varies from person to person.Some people desire sex every day, while others may not feel like having sex even in a year. Others may have no desire at all.

So when one should talk to a doctor about it? It's good to talk to a healthcare provider if a decrease in libido is causing you distress.

What Causes Low Libido

Number of biological, psychological and/or social factors can lead to low libido.

 » Hormonal imbalances

 » Stress

 » Aging

 » Medical Conditions

 » Mental Health Issues

 » Side effects of Certain Medications

 » Side Effects of Recreational Drugs

How is it diagnosed ?

Since a low libido has several possible causes, a healthcare provider may ask you questions about your Symptoms, medical history, medication history, sexual history, details of your relationships and stress level and thoughts about sex.

If the healthcare providersuspect that a physical condition may be the cause of your low libido, she may perform or order the physical exam, pelvic exam even blood tests such as hormone level tests and / or imaging test to determine it.

Treatments for Low Libido

While several treatment options are available, it will mostly decided by the cause. Once the cause has been determined you may have to see one of more than one specialist viz. PCP, Sex Therapist, Psychologist, Urologist or Endocrinologist.

A proper advise may make changes in your running medications and / or treat low testosterone (male hypogonadism) with testosterone replacement therapy and / or stress management and / or individual or couple psychotherapy.

Healthcare provider may recommend some lifestyle changes and relationship strategies that may help. If an underlying medical condition is the cause, shemay even provide medication.

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