What is a PRP Butt Lift?

PRP is an autologous treatment, which means it is derived from the patient’s own body. PRP is carefully injected into the buttocks to help enhance volume and improve the appearance of skin, providing a subtle lift and rejuvenating effect to the buttocks without surgery and with minimal to no downtime.


What happens during a PRP Butt Lift?

This all-natural rejuvenation treatment consists of injecting PRP therapy for enhanced volume in the buttocks. A PRP Butt Lift helps provide a fuller appearance and natural-looking lift to the buttocks while also improving the appearance of skin and reducing scars, stretch marks, fine lines and other skin imperfections that are targeted.


What can I expect during a treatment session?

First, we will apply numbing cream to the buttocks and will draw a small amount of the patient’s blood and place it in a centrifuge to separate the plasma and create PRP. The PRP is then injected into the areas of need, based on the initial assessment. Once injected, PRP deeply penetrates the skin, triggering the revitalizing effects of growth factors.


Is there any downtime with a PRP Butt Lift?

There is little to no downtime associated with this minimally-invasive treatment.

How long is a PRP Butt Lift?

A PRP Butt Lift only requires 15-20 minutes for the injection portion with the physician. You will require another 30 minutes prior to the procedure for photos, numbing if needed, and the blood draw and PRP preparation.


When will I see results?

The most visible results of this all-natural rejuvenation treatment usually develop within two to three months of your results and can last for 9-18 months.


Am I a candidate?

PRP therapy is an autologous treatment, which means it should be safe and effective for most patients. Prior to your PRP Butt Lift, we will review your area to be treated, aesthetic desires and concerns and general health to determine if this is the right aesthetic treatment for you.

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