Frequently Asked Questions About the Vampire Breast Lift

Does it Hurt?

This is one of the first questions we get asked. The short answer is no. As we're obtaining your PRP and PPP, we apply a potent topical numbing cream and offer ProNox (laughing gas) to minimize the discomfort of the injections.

Once your provider has your PRP and PPP drawn into syringes, they'll gently inject your PRP into the areas that need the most lift. Often, this is the upper pole and cleavage areas. After the PRP has been injected, we'll follow with PPP injections.

Why inject platelet-poor plasma?

At RejuvenationMD in Bellingham and Burlington, Washington, we take every possible measure to ensure the best treatment outcome. Since platelet-poor plasma still has cytokines, platelets, growth factors and proteins, we want to use it to aid in new tissue generation.

Dr. T is famous for saying, "Leave no platelet behind."

While we schedule 90 minutes for this procedure, most of that time is dedicated to obtaining the PRP and PPP. The treatment itself takes less than 20 minutes. Since there is no downtime, you're free to resume your normal activity immediately after treatment.

Is There Downtime With the Vampire Breast Lift?

Your breasts will feel swollen and tender for about a week as your body absorbs the growth factors, but wearing a double sports bra will help to keep "the girls" in place so you can resume normal activity.

When we say �normal activity,' we don't want you jumping on a trampoline, but you can do barre and light exercise. Otherwise, you can return to work and other habitual activities immediately, which is one of the many major benefits of choosing the non-surgical Vampire Breast Lift.

When Will You See Results?

After your PRP and PPP have been injected, the growth factors call to your stem cells to begin the process of generating brand new tissue. In your first consultation, you'll talk with our providers about setting realistic treatment expectations. The body requires a minimum of three months to generate new collagen, tissue, nerve endings, and blood vessels.

Results differ for every body. Some patients see an increase by two cup sizes after one treatment, while others increase by one cup size. Some patients are satisfied with one treatment, while others are treated once a year. Your provider will recommend the appropriate approach for your goals.

Can I Get Treated With the Vampire Breast Lift if I Have Implants?

If your implants are under the muscle, you may be a candidate for the Vampire Breast Lift. Your provider will ask for your medical records to review the location of the implants and plan accordingly.

Optimizing Your Vampire Breast Lift Results

There are a few treatments we like to combine with the Vampire Breast Lift depending on the goals of our patients, including:

  • Dermal Filler. For patients who want more immediate results, we add hyaluronic dermal fillers to the breasts to help improve their shape while adding volume.
  • PDO Threads. These are an excellent addition to the Vampire Breast Lift for an immediate improvement in lift. They also initiate your body's collagen and fibrin production. Once inserted, the threads stimulate the production of new tissue in an upright position and we love that they last up to 2 years.
  • Scarlet SRF. Scarlet is a radio frequency, microneedling skin tightening device that creates tiny channels in the skin to initiate new collagen production while causing the skin to tighten and lift. We prefer the Scarlet SRF over the Morpheus 8 because the radio frequency targets each layer of the skin, generating more optimal results. The design of Scarlet SRF also makes it more comfortable for our patients.

Can we add all three treatments for optimal volume and lift? It depends on your goals, but yes! Every treatment is tailored to your goals and we can discuss your concerns during your next consultation.

Average cost

On average, a VBL costs $1,700.


What is a vampire breast lift?

A vampire breast lift (VBL) is a procedure to improve (augment) the look of your breasts if surgery isn't yet warranted. VBL uses injections of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This procedure is also known as a PRP breast lift.


What is platelet-rich plasma (PRP)?

Platelet-rich plasma comes from your blood. PRP contains proteins that promote blood clotting and help with cell growth.

Providers separate PRP from the rest of your blood in a centrifuge, a machine that spins your blood at high speeds. The centrifuge separates your blood into three components:

Platelet-rich plasma.

White blood cells.

Red blood cells.

Why is a vampire breast lift done?

People may opt for a PRP breast lift if a surgical breast lift isn't yet warranted. Providers who inject PRP into their patients' breasts claim that it:


Increases elastin (a protein that allows tissue to stretch).

Promotes growth of collagen (a protein that provides structure to your body).

Stimulates new cell growth.


A vampire breast lift helps to:

Improve skin texture and tone.

Make your breasts look lifted and fuller.

Reduce the look of wrinkles, stretch marks and scars.

What happens during a vampire breast lift?

During a vampire breast lift, your provider will take a blood sample, usually from your arm. They'll spin the blood in a centrifuge machine to separate the PRP.

Your provider will apply a numbing cream to your breasts to decrease your sensitivity during the procedure. Then they use a thin needle to inject PRP into areas throughout your breasts.

The injections generally take about 20 minutes. The entire procedure usually lasts less than an hour.


What happens after a vampire breast lift?

Most people don't have any side effects after a vampire breast lift. Some people experience side effects for a few days, such as:





What are the advantages of a vampire breast lift?

People who have a VBL breast lift instead of surgical breast augmentation may have:

Fewer complications.

Less pain.

Shorter recovery time.

What are the risks or complications of a PRP breast lift?

You may experience some pain during the blood sample and injections. But any discomfort is usually mild.


Because a PRP breast lift isn't surgery, it can't:

Completely lift saggy breasts.

Give your breasts a new shape.

Increase your breast size.

Reduce excess skin.

Reposition your nipples.

This procedure isn't recommended if you're:

At high risk of breast cancer or have had breast cancer.





What is the recovery time after a PRP breast lift?

After a PRP breast lift, you may notice your breasts becoming gradually firmer and smoother over a period of three to four weeks. Final results may not appear for two to three months. Any changes can last up to two years.


When can I go back to work or school, drive or eat?

You can usually return to your regular activities immediately. Your healthcare provider will offer guidance suitable for your recovery.



When should I see my healthcare provider?

Talk to your healthcare provider if you have any of these symptoms after a vampire breast lift:


Excessive bruising.


Swelling that doesn't go away.

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