Breast fillers are a non-invasive treatment, which helps to set it apart from breast implants, with the two treatments often mixed up for one another. Dermal fillers are used in these injections, which can be just as effective as breast implants, making use of compounds that tend to be used in facial fillers. These fillers are injected just beneath breast tissue, which helps to give it an image that is more endowed but also maintains its feel of a natural breast.

Normally, hyaluronic acid is used for breast augmentation as it is a compound that is already naturally present in your body. When injected, your body will absorb and break down the hyaluronic acid to make it biocompatible. This process is very safe, and if you are not satisfied with the outcome, a quick enzyme injection will digest the filler to expel it.


Your breasts can be increased by up to one cup size, and no surgery is needed to undergo breast filler. During the consultation stage, you will be evaluated to see if you are a suitable patient for breast filler treatment. Unfortunately, the treatment is usually not suitable for individuals lacking sufficient breast tissue or have sagging breasts.


The results of breast fillers are usually more natural than those of breast implants; this is because it only shapes and fills your breast as opposed to fully changing its natural shape. Furthermore, breast fillers are a very popular form of breast augmentation as no scars are left behind due to the very fine needle used. The downtime associated with breast fillers are also very minimal.

Anaesthetic medicine is mixed in with the fillers, helping to numb the point of injection which makes the treatment very comfortable and easy to endure. Alternatively, you can also request for sedation during the process so you can sleep through it.


Any side effects are minor such as skin swelling or redness, with no long term problem arising from our breast fillers. As the fillers are made from substances that are natural and with similar molecular structures to what is already in your body, this means it will not be rejected. You can return to your regular daily routine shortly after treatment.

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