What Is QR678 Treatment?

QR678 treatment for hair therapy is a way of hair regrowth requiring no surgical procedure; it is an advanced hair growth method which facilitates hair growth, while preventing hair loss. The key ingredient in this treatment is a mixture of several growth factors which are involved in stimulating hair growth and division. The advanced formula harboring the growth factors has been established by two top physicians in India - . Not only that the treatment is natural, but it also costs much lesser- about 1/10 of what hair transplant costs. Hair loss now can no longer be an issue bugging you, because of the impressive effects of the QR678 growth factor injections.

Action Of QR678 Growth Injections

The regulation of epidermal hair follicles is brought about by the influential interplay between epithelial and mesenchymal cells; thus the hair follicles go through cycles characterized by growth of cells, a transition phase and a resting phase. The papillary mesenchyme releases growth factors which act as inductive signals for stimulating the follicular epithelium cycle. Epithelial stem cells, in response to the inductive signals, are activated and proliferate eventually leading to the full development of hair follicles.

Procedure Of QR678 Hair Growth Treatment

The method of treatment is non-surgical and involves administration of the growth factor solution in the form of 1mL injections into the scalp of the patients, which delivers the growth factors to the targeted tissue layer. The injections are given superficially in the areas of alopecia & hair loss. This is a 5 minute procedure, performed while you are sitting comfortably in the doctor’s office, without any anaesthesia and without any pain. Hair growth in balding areas takes about 8-10 sessions of injections. Each session is injected with2-4 weeks interval between each session

Hair Recovery

Generally, 4 - 6 sittings (sessions) are required, before you can see hair growth in the bald patches.

After the hair growth treatment session is over, some lotions (hair regrowth lotions) and medical hair treatments (tablets for hair growth) may be prescribed to the patient for several weeks, to support the hair growth process.

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