All of us feel low on energy occasionally. Maybe you stayed up late or you worked all night. It is normal to feel tired after something like that.

But if you feel the samefatigue every day it's time to troubleshoot.


What Are the Symptoms of Fatigue?


Frequent fatigue is more than just being tired. It's a constant run-down feeling that seeps your strength and causes a mental sluggishness.

You feel:

  » Slow or sluggish

  » Constantly tired

  » Weak all over

  » Like everything is an effort, or harder to do

  » Moody


What may be the causes?



This condition is lack of have enough andrequired levels of healthy red blood cells in your body. Fatigue is the most common symptom of Anemia.


Low testosterone


This is the hormone that helps you produce sperm and body hair and makes you a man as It also fuels your sex drive. As you grow your body makes less of it around age 40. At lower than the normal testosterone level you may experience erectile dysfunction and loss of interest in sex and might also get mood swings.


Low thyroid hormone


Hypothyroidism happens when the thyroid gland in body don't work normally. This condition can make you gain weight, get constipated, slow your heart rate, and dry out your skinand also make you feel fatigued


Medication side effects.


Several drugs that treat allergies, depression, blood pressure, cancer, and other health conditions can make you feel low on energy and sleepy. Consult your doctor about the side effects of all your medications.


Chronic fatigue


If you constantly feel tired for 6 months or more, this could be due to chronic fatigue.


Major illness


Many medical conditions and their treatments lead to fatigue viz. cancer, chronic pain, diabetes, and heart disease.


Lifestyle Causes


  » Too much of technology

  » Excess of fast food

  » Lack of Exercise

  » Lack of sleep


Treatments for Low Energy


Depending on what's causing your low energy, you might need medical treatment. Visit your PCP to first determine the exact cause.


Low testosterone


If your physician suspects that low T is cause of low energy levels, he will recommend the test, Hone's analysis for low testosterone, along with other hormones that can impact your health. If the result indicates that you do have low T, hormone replacement therapy can help relieve your fatigue and other related symptoms.


Low thyroid hormone


Blood tests can diagnose hypothyroidism. If you are diagnosed with this condition, medications can be used to replace the dwindling levels of thyroid hormones.




If you notice symptoms of anemia like feeling out of breath easily, talk to your doctor. Iron supplementation usually helps. Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron in your body. You would like to include lot of lemon and other bright colored fruits in your diet to help overcome this condition.


Lifestyle Changes


More than anything else your determination to make subtle changes in your lifestyle will help you immensely to overcome this most common condition. So, avoid too much of technology, excess of fast food and exercise regularly even if for a 15 minutes duration everyday and sleep early and sleep well.

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